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First of all, it's great to see that you have a mind to donate to others. This is a small effort to collect the funds for :-
- Sustaining this website.
- Providing assistance to orphan children at Sri Ramakrishna Aashram, Kayankulam, Kerala, India.
- Annadaan (Free Meal), which I think is the best way to donate, for those orphan children.
For all your money donated through, it's my word that these will only be used for the above mentioned tasks. I will also mail or email you the proofs (scanned copies of receipts), from the ashram, within a month (when I visit Ashram). For donations to sustain the website, you will be getting the receipt within 24 hours from receipt of payment, in the name of

If this site has been of help to you in providing the resource, please DONATE to sustain this.
All you need is a free PAYPAL account, which makes all your transactions secure and easy.
:- Vineeth Kumar (Webmaster :