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This is my small effort to keep my roots alive. The aim of Gayathrimanthra.com is to provide maximum exposure towards the ancient Hindu culture, science, literature and tradition, to any one who believes that the knowledge, which the rest of the world provides, is only the tip of the ice-berg and answers to all the questions lie hidden in the sacred texts of ancient Hindu literature and philosophy. Gayathrimanthra.com is totally Ad free and non-commercial (except for services we provide). For any info on this website please email me at my id shown below. If this site has been of help to you in providing the resource, please DONATE to sustain this.
The aim of this private blogger here is to act as an arena to express yourselves, on any topic (public or private). Only registered members will be able to add blogs and comment and hence all your work will be secure.
You can also protect your blogs by password. For any queries please feel free to contact me on the below id.
For new members, direct registration is disabled and hence if you are interested, please mail to vineet@gayathrimanthra.com, with your detail profile and reason to join.

:- Vineeth Kumar (Webmaster : Gayathrimanthra.com)

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